Other Curricular Materials

All the materials listed in this site are available for download and use for educational purposes only.

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Alphabet Cards (Marshallese and English)

Alphabet Cards were developed to accompany the materials used in the English and Marshallese programs. They are intended to be posted on the wall of every classroom.

Environmental Science for the Marshall Islands

Author(s):  Environmental Protection Agency, Marshall Islands

The Environmental Science Teacher’s Manual and student workbook were developed for the purpose of reef and ocean awareness. The program was developed by EPA and should be utilized by middle school age students.

Folk Tales From Around The World

Folk Tales From Around the World are a series stories told and read to children around the world. The books features Pacific folktales as well as those from Europe and Asia. Each story contains exercises to develop comprehension skills.

Not available for download.
Jemsn-Se eo an Aelog in Majev

This version of the Marshall Islands constitution has been printed using the official Marshallese orthography. Editing of the text was completed by Saito Aine. The book is intended for use by students in grade twelve as well as a resource for other grade levels.

Sea Turtles: A Marshallese Curriculum

Author(s):  Regina Woodrom Rudrud, UH

This curriculum was developed for use in grades 7, 10 and 12. The lessons are designed to promote awareness of turtles and the dangers. The program was in concert with MIMRA (Marshall Islands Marine Resource Agency and the University of Hawaii.

Not available for download.
Whales and Whaling in the Pacific

Author(s):  George Pittman

This is an informative reader developed to instill an awareness of whales. It is set in the Pacific Ocean and gives detailed information about whales and stories about whales.

Not available for download.