MOE Related Documents

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MOE Presentation To The Cabinet 2012

A presentation made to the new Cabinet members for the Nitijela on February 8, 2012. Involved in the presentation were the Secretary of Education and his Executive Committee.

MOE Annual Reports

These reports are written by the Ministry of Education as a measure of progress and include all aspects of Ministry activities.

MOE Rules and Regulations

This document contains the official rules and regulations implemented by the Ministry of Education in 2009.

MOE Curriculum (K-12)

This curriculum includes standards, benchmarks, indicators and suggested materials to be used in the curriculum. The curriculum encompassed all subjects and grades K-12.

Marshall Islands High School Graduate Directory

This document contains a listing of all individuals who have graduated from the school. The listing was begun by Nelson Akeang (1964 to 1990). The later years were compiled by Jerre Bennett.

Jxgak Jiljilfo

This document was produced by Evelyn L. Joseph under the RMI Parent Information Resource Center (RMI-PIRC) Project. There are 6 books in this series.