Marshallese Materials

All the materials listed in this site are available for download and use for educational purposes only.

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Jolct Ko Ad (Bok 1, 2 ,3)

Author(s):  Jerre Bennett, Nidel Lorak

Illustrator(s):  Laibwij Hesa, Leto Mandira

Three Marshallese folklore program manuals have been placed in the lower grades to help establish and maintain language skills and culture. Marshallese culture has long been an emphasis of the educational process in the islands.

Tykjinede Gan Ajri in Hajev

Author(s):  Jerre Bennett, Raynard Gideon

A Children’s Dictionary has been produced by the Instructional Services Center to introduce basic dictionary skills. Vocabulary for the Dictionary is drawn from the readers. Being bilingual, this publication should be made available in the classroom for the children to use.

Bok in Jino Waake Jeje

Compiler(s):  Jerre Bennett

Illustrator(s):  Iso Laginbelik

A Reading Readiness Workbook for Kindergarten students focusing readiness skills such as colors, shapes, phonics, and the concept of books are emphasized in this workbook. Included in the program are individual alphabet books for the children to make and share.

Waake Bwe Kwcn Jevs

Author(s):  Patrick Scott

Illustrator(s):  Iso Laginbelik, Ralph Waltz

First Reading Experience (Kindergarten and First Grade) This beginning reader introduces characters in a family unit and introduces and reviews word attack skills. The Teacher’s Manual features standards and benchmarks for this level of reading.

Jilu Ajri

Translator(s):  Charles Eko, Nidel Lorak

Illustrator(s):  Iso Laginbelik

Jilu Ajri is intended for children around the age of six. Featured in the reader are children’s poems, traditional stories and a play. There are 91 pages in the reader. The Teacher’s Manual is written in a 5-day lesson sequence approach and consists of 30 lessons.

Sindein Mour

Author(s):  Jerre Bennett, Raynard Gideon

Illustrator(s):  Iso Laginbelik, Ralph Waltz

This second grade reader develops traditional color-word vocabulary as well has directional words. Nonfiction reading is included at this level to prepare children for content reading. The reader contains 96 pages.

Jsn Ijin Gan Ijef

Author(s):  Jerre Bennett, Raynard Gideon

Illustrator(s):  Iso Laginbelik, Ralph Waltz

This reader centers on children’s stories from around the world. It is intended for children in the third grade. Stories are included from the countries or Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Indian England and Tonga.


This book is new to the reading series and is now being used by fourth grade teacher throughout the Marshall Islands. As the reader is revised, a teacher’s manual will be developed to accompany the book.

Not available for download.
Bok ilo Hcfcfc

Author(s):  Saito Aine, Joseph Rudolf

Illustrator(s):  Almend Romak

The Fifth Grade reader was developed by the MICAL Project in the 1970s and 1980s. I contains a series of stores of interest to this age of student. At present the book will be completely revised and upgraded. A Teacher’s Manual will be written to go with the reader.

Reeaar Gan Kapilcg

Author(s):  CLT Language Arts Class, 1976

Illustrator(s):  Iso Laginbelik

Stories from Micronesia form the theme for the sixth grade reader. A great deal of map work is included within the book. Having 116 pages, the students begin their Micronesian odyssey in the Republic of the Marshall Islands and continue East.

An Piliglig Koba

Author(s):  Saito Aine, Joseph Rudolf

Illustrator(s):  Almend Romak

Once again the reading series returns to a mixture of content reading and fiction. Among selections in the reader include a biography of Paul Gaugin, A World War II History, the life cycle of the mosquito and a story about United Nations Day. The book contains 160 pages.

Pevxk ilo Meto Ekaywctata

Author(s):  Alfred Capelle

Illustrator(s):  Iso Laginbelik

A novella is the showcase for the eighth grade. This book contains seven chapters and is 113 pages in length. The story, written in the Ratak dialect, is centered on the early childhood memories or Mr. Capelle.

Naan Ko Rcyne

Author(s):  Nidel Lorak

Illustrator(s):  Iso Laginbelik

A collection of 227 Marshallese proverbs with xplanations and examples of use. Included in the collection are traditional proverbs as well as illustrations. The collection was compiled Nidel Lorak, a CLT staff member during the 1970-1980 decade.