Instructional Services Center

The Instructional Services Center (ISC) was established in 2007. It is a revival of the Curriculum/Learning/Training Center which was an Elementary and Secondary Education Act Title 1 project commencing in the early 1970s.

As part of the Ministry of Education in the Republic of the Marshall Islands, ISC is a US federally funded Supplementary Education Grant project in the Division of Early Childhood and Elementary Education. ISC has been given the responsibility of writing, as well as reviving materials, producing and maintaining educational materials to be utilized by Marshallese children and their teachers. Centering on literacy in Marshallese, a series of readers have been developed for elementary school children in kindergarten through eight grade.

ISC is divided into three services, namely: Publication, Training and the Media Center.

Publication Services

As the major responsibility of the Instructional Services Center, the Publication Services encompasses the entire scope of materials production. This includes generating materials, editting and updating existing books, booklets, teacher's manuals, student workbooks, etc., as well as the actual publication process.

Since it's inception, the Center has produced a great number and variety of educational materials. An estimated total of 250,000 books have been printed and distributed to the schools in the Republic of the Marshall Islands. These include reading materials for each grade level K-12.

Training Services

Training services are accomplished through the auspices of the Division of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment (CIA), in concert with the Division of Early Childhood and Elementary Education (ECEE), of the Ministry of Education.

Media Center

The MOE Media Center provides media support services for schools and education related institions throughout the Marshall Islands. These services include video documentation of educational programs and events, training and workshops and classroom activites, recording of the weekly MOE Radio Broadcast in partnership with V7AB, and technical expertise in setup and operation of media equipment.

Staff Members

Name Responsibility Contact Information
Jerre Bennett Director
Saito Aine Marshallese Language Arts Author and Materials Production Editor  
Valentino Anuntak Director, Media Center  
Hanty Kaisha Media Technician  
Barry Jekkar MOE Radio Information Specialist